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Blue Skies

At Onni,

We gather to do fun things and make new friendships outside of work. It gives us space for the mind, lets go of our daily stress, and builds genuine connections all while learning and laughing together!

Expand Quality Network

Learn New Knowledge

Improve Holistic Wellbeing

Explore New Interests

Perks & Trials


  • Business owners, Wellness Entrepreneurs

  • Psychiatrists, Mental Health Practitioners, Therapists 

  • Life, Career, and Mindfulness Coaches

  • Lawyers, Chinese and Western Doctors, Physiotherapists

  • Dance and Yoga Instructors

  • Teachers, Education fields

  • Creative Directors, Marketing Managers, Musicians, Architects

Join as a Founding Member

We are currently open for Founding Member applications. It is free to join at the moment. Simply fill in the details at the bottom of this page and we will notify you once your application is approved. 


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